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The EURATEQ WASTE® process stands as a pioneering approach, utilizing thermolysis— the disintegration of compounds through heat— to treat a diverse array of waste materials. Our focus extends to challenging waste types, including tires, plastics, hospital waste, and everyday household waste. By employing this innovative method, we address problematic waste, fostering a sustainable solution for a cleaner environment.


  • The lack of provision of a continuously industrial feeding system allowing the process to run 24/7.

  • The lack of provision of a stable duration of high-enough temperature, during the treatment of different materials, enabling dissolvement of the molecules of, inter alia heavy metals, in the different temperature stages and zones of the reactor.

  • The lack of provision of necessary of those parts and materials that over time can endure the reactor’s high temperatures process.

  • EURATEQ WASTE® is a technology that is based on an exothermic reaction, i.e., a chemical or physical reaction that releases tremendous heat, which in turn releases tremendous volumes of energy to its surroundings. The amount of energy being released by the reaction exceeds the required energy to initiate it.

Experience the Quality & Innovation of Euronordic

Proven technology 

AFRY conducted testing on the EURATEQ WASTE® technology process. In addition, major suppliers for the initial EURATEQ machine were ABB International and Siemens. As previously explained, the EURATEQ WASTE® process utilizes continuous thermolysis, also known as pyrolysis, wherein various waste materials like domestic, rubber, tires, plastic, and hospital waste are continuously fed into the EURATEQ WASTE® machine. This process results in the production of gas, oil, and carbon black. Third-party measurements were conducted to validate the product compositions and quantities of gas, oil, and carbon black from the first generation EURATEQ WASTE® reactor.


Transforming Waste into Tomorrow’s Resources


  • Tires

  • Rubber and Plastic

  • Domestic/household waste

  • Hospital waste

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

At EURATEQ, we’re not just revolutionizing waste management; we’re transforming the way the world views waste. With our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to sustainability, we stand at the forefront of a green revolution. Our continuous thermolysis process, known as EURATEQ WASTE®, represents a paradigm shift in waste treatment

Join us in reshaping the world, one innovative solution at a time. EURATEQ: Empowering Progress, Enriching the Planet


Pioneering Innovation Transforming Waste

When you choose EURATEQ, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re choosing a legacy. A legacy of environmental responsibility, innovation, and progress. Together, let’s write a future where waste is no longer a burden, but a catalyst for positive change. EURATEQ: Where Vision Meets Sustainability

What sets EURATEQ apart is our unwavering commitment to research and development. We collaborate with industry pioneers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in waste conversion. Our stringent third-party measurements ensure the quality and efficiency of our processes, providing our clients with reliable, sustainable solutions.

EURATEQ: Engineering Tomorrow's Solutions Today. Precision in Pyrolysis, Excellence in Efficiency. Transforming Waste, Empowering Progress, Redefining Possibilities.

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